KCPE 2022 English Past Papers

KCPE 2022 English Past Papers

KCPE Past Papers
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Questions 1 to 15  

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the  best alternative from the choices given.  

For me the actual writing of a composition seems fairly easy. I sit down _1__ my desk and  write. It is the _2._ up of the story that is _3__ difficult. Most of my compositions are done early in  the morning _4_ I find myself fresh. The process of writing compositions is clear. After I have  drafted the composition, I begin to revise it. I make changes to tense, spelling and grammar so that the  composition says exactly what I _5__ to put across. I used to _6__ this important step, but I have  slowly come to realise that it may be _7_ most important part of writing. Besides, correcting _9_,  I cross out unnecessary words, and I 10 find myself adding other words. Depending on the _11of my composition, I may do this three or four times. I guess that I only spend about 30 percent  of any _12time actually writing the composition. Another 40 percent or _13_ is used in thinking  and coming up with a story, with the _14_ used in doing revision. I don't think I will ever be able to  just sit down and start writing without _15_ planning.  


For questions 16 and 17, choose the option which means the same as the underlined word.

16. The robber surrendered after a long chase by the police.
A. went in
B. went down
C. gave in
D. gave out
17.The girl disclosed her elder brother's plan to marry her off.
A. announced
B. showed
C. concealed
D. revealed
For questions 18 and 20, choose the alternative that best fills the blank space.
18. Neither of my parents __ at home now.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
19. She has been ______ in the field for the last twenty minutes.
A. laying
B. laid
C. lying
D. lain


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