KCSE 2022 CRE Past Paper 1 Questions

KCSE 2022 CRE Past Paper 1 Questions

KCSE Past Papers
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(a)State seven differences found in the two accounts of creation in Genesis I and 2. ( 7 marks )


(b)Outline six attributes of God from the stories of creation in Genesis l and 2.  (6 marks )


(c)Give seven ways in which Christians continue with God's work of creation today.( 7 marks )



(a) Give seven reasons why some Christians find it difficult to serve God.( 7 marks )


(b)Describe the covenant making ceremony between God and the Israelites at Mount Sinai. (Exodus 24:1-8) (6 marks)


(c)State the importance of the temple in Jerusalem to the Israelites.


(a)ldentify seven ways in which the Israelites worshipped God while in the wilderness.( 7 marks )


(b)Outline seven failures of Solomon as the King of Israel. (7 marks)


(c)Identify the characteristics of the true prophets in the Old Testament. (6 marks)



(a)Explain the vision of the plumb line as shown to Prophet Amos by God. (6 marks)


(b)Outline seven teachings of Prophet Jeremiah on the new covenant. (7 marks)


(c)Identify seven factors that have led to the increase of Christian denominations in Kenya today.( 7 marks )


(a)State the importance of initiation in traditional African communities (7 marks) (6 marks)


(b)State seven ways in which the church is carrying out its prophetic role in Kenya today. (7 marks)


(c)Explain five symbolic acts used by Prophet Jeremiah to demonstrate God's judgement and punishment to the Israelites. (5 marks)



(a)Identify eight ways used by church leaders in Kenya to communicate God's message to the people. (8 marks)


(b)Identify six moral values people acquire during initiation ceremonies in traditional African communities. (6 marks)


(c)Outline the changes that have taken place in the rite of initiation in Kenya today (7 marks)


Mathematics Form 2 Notes
1. (a) State five differences in the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. (b)Describe the activities that took place on the night when Jesus Christ was born. (Luke 2:6-20) (7 marks) (c) Identify eight ways in which Christians in Kenya demonstrate their joy for the birth of (8 marks)
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