KCSE 2023 History Prediction Questions : KCSE Prediction Papers

KCSE 2023 History Prediction Questions : KCSE Prediction Papers

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SECTION A (25 MARKS) Answer all questions from this section.I

1.Identify two ways through which archaeologists obtained information on history Kenya                                     (2marks)


2.Name two communities in Kenya who belong to the plain Nilotes          (2marks)


3.What was the original homeland of the eastern cushites             (1marks) 


4.State two similarities in the political organization of the Ameru and Abagusii of Kenya during the 19th century             (2marks)

5.Give the main reason why early visitors came to Kenyan coast by 1500 A.D          (1marks)


6.Name the missionary society that established a home for freed slaves at the coast of Kenya in the 19th century               (1marks)


7.State two causes of Agiriama resistance to the establishment of British colonial rule in Kenya          (2marks)


8.Give two reasons why Africans in Kenya moved to owns during the colonial period            (2marks)

9.State one grievance raised by the Asians in Kenya that was addressed by the Devonshire white paper               (1mark)

10.State two problems faced by independent schools established by Africans during the colonial period   (2marks)


11.Identify two ways of becoming a Kenyan citizen  (2marks)


12.Give one reason why the government of Kenya may limit a person’s freedom of speech            (1mark)


13.Give one way through which parliamentary supremacy in Kenya can be limited       (1mark)


14.Give one house committee of parliament which deals with government financial matters.   (1mark)


15.State two ways in which the rule of law is applied in Kenya       (2marks)


16.Who is the head of judiciary in Kenya      (1mark)


17.Identify one main factor that is addressed in Kenyan budget                    (1mark)


SECTION B (45MARKS) Answer three questions.


18.(a) State three way through which communities in Kenya interacted during the pre- colonial period in Kenya                                                                                                  (3marks) 

    (b) Describe the social organization of the Agikuyu during the pre-colonial period (12marks)



19.(a) Give three reasons why early visitors came to Kenyan coast before 1500A.D (3marks)

     (b) Explain six factors that contributed to the development of trade between Kenyan coast and outside world by 1900A.D                                                                                           (12marks)

20.(a).Give three economic reasons encouraged the British to colonize Kenya during the 19th century                     (3marks)

    (b).Explain why Kenyan communities were defeated by the British during the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya                                                                                                (12marks) 

21.(a).Outline three major reforms resulted from Lyttelton constitution of 1954 in Kenya   (3marks)

     (b).Explain six ways through which Tom Mboya contributed to the struggle for independence in Kenya                                                                                                                      (12marks) 

SECTION C (30 MARKS) Answer TWO questions.


22.(a) What five situations can make a registered voter be denied the right to vote in Kenya (5marks)

    (b).Explain the rights of an accused person during trial in a court of law in Kenya (10marks)

23.(a) Identify five functions of the traffic police in Kenya                                           (5marks) 

     (b).Describe five measures that have been introduced to improve the work of police in Kenya (10marks)

24.(a).State three objectives of devolving the government of Kenya                             (3marks)

     (b).Explain six ways in which the county government raises its revenue                  (12marks)

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