Form 1 CRE Notes : Introduction To CRE

Form 1 CRE Notes : Introduction To CRE

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Christian Religious Education (CRE) is the; 

a) Systematic study of religious beliefs and practices based in the life and teaching of Jesus. 

b) Study of God’s revelations to people through personal experiences, his creation, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the word of God. 

Reasons for studying Christian Religious Education 


1. By studying CRE, a learner gets to know God’s power, character and how God reveals himself to humankind. 

2. CRE helps learners to know God’s will for humankind and how He expects us to live.  This will help learners to develop faith in God. Education Central EA 2 

3. Helps learners to acquire spiritual insight which is used in making appropriate decisions on how to handle issues that face them in life e.g. drug abuse, incest, corruption, and homosexuality. 

4. The subject helps the learner to acquire basic principles/rules that guide a person to develop morally, emotionally, intellectually and physically. 

5. Helps learners become more aware of their internal / inner state and this creates self awareness, leading to the development of selfrespect, self-worth and identity. 

6. Helps the learner to understand and to respect the differences among people in the society. 

7. It also helps the learner to tolerate one another and appreciate one another consequently relating well with others and even resolve differences. 

8. The study of CRE promotes national unity.  We get to understand that God created all people regardless of gender, race, and religion. 

9. On a boarder sense, it promotes international consciousness.  This comes as a result of the awareness that all human beings were created by the same God. 

10. It provides an important background for entry into careers and ambitions e.g. law, clergy, CRE teaching, and administration. 

11. By studying the subject one knows more about the Bible and the personalities in it. 

12. Helps to explain certain mysteries in life e.g. origin of mankind, why people die, and the destiny of human beings. 

13. Helps the learner to appreciate/understand the environment as the creation of God and the need to conserve/ preserve/care for it. 

14. It equips the learner with appropriate skills, attitudes and knowledge which are important for economic development.  Such virtues include handwork, diligence, honesty, tolerance, and respect among others. Education Central EA 3 

15. C.R.E. contributes to the national goals of education e.g. patriotism, nationalism.

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